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The Way Ministries is dedicated and driven to providing an accurate view as possible of how to walk in the life of Yahshua and our Father Yahweh from both old and new Testaments.

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John Carney Roth
Biblical Teacher/Prophet
The Way Ministires

John Carney Roth Testimony

The Way Ministries is overseen by Torah Teacher/Prophet John Carney Roth. After 37 years of walking in the Hebraic Roots of Yahshua, I felt a heavy call to help the Gentiles/Ephraimites who are coming to the faith in Yahshua. My story is a long one, but I will simply say, watching my video's teachings will give you a good in-depth understanding of who I am and what I stand for. It is my heart's passion to help those coming to this faith find the quickest path with the least amount of frustration possible.

In 1982 while an unbeliever as a Jew, I was on my deathbed. I had 3 months to live with an illness that was undiagnosable. The doctors had given up. Dejected and resigned to die, I went to bed and fell asleep. The next morning as I was coming into conscientiousness, I heard Yahweh speak to me very clearly. "Today, you are healed. You can eat whatever you want".

This set my foot on a new path in life. In a quest to seek Him, He leads me to the Hebraic Roots of the Faith. He taught me the basic foundations of the Faith in the Worldwide Church of G-d. I spent 14 years there until it disbanded. After that, I was in a Messianic Congregation for 3 1/2 years. It was here that I learned just how much confusion was being taught. After many years of trying to understand what this call was about, I found that those frustrations were invaluable lessons that would mold me into what I teach today. I found that the same challenges that the Apostle Paul/Shaul struggled against were mine as well. Namely, Rabbinic/Talmudic Judaism was a different set of beliefs that Messiah Yahshua did not hand to them.

In more recent years, Yahweh has led me to speak on many different subjects of both biblical and spiritual matters as well as psychological in nature.

Understanding our carnal nature is paramount to being able to recognize our spiritual shortcomings if we want to walk in understanding without being overly frustrated in that walk. I have watched too many falls from the faith due to a lack of understanding in these areas. Had they been equipt to understand them perhaps they would still be amongst us now. It is because of those types of experiences that my passion to speak about these issues and help people understand what drives them is the motivating reason for it.


We are living in a time when Yahweh our Father is calling "The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel" (Gentiles/Christians) back to the Faith. It is not an easy transition as it requires that a person have a pure heart and is humbled to be taught.


I have spent many years in Spiritual Warfare helping people through the tough parts of this walk. If you feel that the Ruach (Holy Spirit) is leading you in this direction, then I admonish you to watch the video and written teachings here, but be prepared to have to discard your former Christian/Pagan/Messianic Jewish beliefs, as there will be many.


The times are short. Redeem what time you have left while that door is still open. Once it is closed it will be a much more difficult path.


Anthony Hill
Beit Teshuva Ministries

Anthony Hill Testimony

Being raised by my grandmother, whom my siblings and I called Mama, was the beginning of things not known but should be my grandmother was a very protective and hardworking lady. Lots to be said, but not now.

Growing up, I remember starting first grade and attending elementary school one day, the teacher announced a field trip planned for the class, but a consent form had to be signed by your parents. Upon looking at the paper, I saw the place needed my parents’ consent. It was at that moment that the word father was something unknown that I would have to go home to Mama; who is my grandmother, who is my father? She told me his name, and that was all I ever knew until this present day. 

But at least I could fill in that blank and appear to be a complete family promising that if the day came and I would have children, that would not be the case with them because I wouldn’t be anything like him; I would marry the woman who had my first child and not have children all over the place needless to say promise not kept so I went through life a good person making a lot of bad decisions not realizing none of my choices could fill that void 

So the first 30 plus years of my life were just that; then, one cold and wet winter night, my life would meet its crossroads, and I got arrested. It wasn’t my first, but it was one that hit me so deep that I cried out to YHWH, whom I knew as a god, and I said I know you’re not going to get me out this time and if I’m going to die in prison let me die with a right relationship with you. For once again, another promise not kept-but, today I can honestly say that his mercy is far greater than any hopelessness I could ever have, so by his right hand, he brought me to his holy mountain and began to declare his greatness to me but unknown to me there would be other mountains that I would have to climb. Little did I know that spiritual wickedness wasn’t just a catchphrase (1)the crime (2)the charges (3)witchcraft (4)believing that YHWH couldn’t deliver me from these.

First the crime I knew that I was guilty of, but money and the right lawyer can do what I wasn’t believing YHWH wouldn’t do if that was moving too slow then witchcraft would help the process this was my mindset but as usual, the promise ignored by the way this witchcraft thing is real and the churches are filled with it deacons elders practicing and charging money for this service needless to say neither money witchcraft or good lawyer could move these charges. Thirteen months would pass now my trial is at hand; at this point, I had learned a lot about YHWH but did not believe in his power, for after all 13 months and nothing changed or so I thought so the night before my trial, I have this dream I didn’t know that they were going to call for me that day for up until that time My case hadn’t been called, but this dream was so real and a voice spoke to me say guilty. I replied if I say guilty, I’m never going to get out. I was 36 years old, trying to beat 60 years off of my life. I know all of the legal experts are saying this isn’t lawful has to be up to 60, but even at this present time, if one goes to trial and is convicted will get the maximum time, but these judges had determined there wouldn’t be any plea deals for this Florida boy back to the dream the voice replied didn’t you say that you weren’t going to get out that you were going to die in prison morning comes I’m still pondering that dream that afternoon my lawyer comes they take me down to see him, and he has more bad news, or so he thought he said that they arrested someone who was going to be a witness against me to help with their case, but I responded I don’t care what they say I was going to plead guilty anyway he said what?

I repeated that I was going to say guilty anyway he said I’ll be back time passed by it was 5 pm court was over for the day, or so I thought; they called me down again, and an officer was waiting to take me over to the courthouse we get there, and no one is present accept the judge solicitor my attorney and the court stenographer my attorney comes to me and says conspiracy gone trafficking gone distribution with intent, gone. So I went before the judge, pleading guilty to possession with intent. He sentenced me to 15 years, and while ha Satan was shouting that he told me that YHWH couldn’t get me out of this, the judge banged his hammer, shaking his head, suspended 15 to 10 and 10 to 5 years, all the while I still couldn’t see the mercy and goodness of YHWH because the enemy was in my ears saying see all that were praying and you still going to prison that statement literally had me thinking he’s right all the prayers were in vain blinding me from seeing this great victory.

YHWH got for me while waiting on my court orders I try to open my Bible at the moment I wanted read words of encouragement the 23rd psalms came to mind so I try to go to the psalm but when I tried to open my Bible something would close it I try again and it closes again this force is so strong literally slamming the book shut this feeling of defeat took control over my mind I pray and asked YHWH once again for his mercy and to please help me keep this vow I vowed to him this voice again says open your Bible so I opened it intending to read the 23rd psalm but something literally took over my hands to turn the pages pass the 23rd psalm and kept turning until it came to psalm 65 and I couldn’t go any further and the said read so I read but had no idea or understanding what I was reading or why trying to keep reading the voice again says close the book as I do they come to me with my orders and to take me to process me so I went into the correctional system still un thankful not understanding what YHWH is doing so I’m in prison still void of this understanding but determined to keep my promise to YHWH this time.

I’m in my cell, and I’m looking through the glass door, and I can see other people on the other side of the dorm; some are lying on mats that were placed on the floor because there weren’t enough bunks for the number of people they put in that one cell and as I panned around every cell was overfilled but me all by myself in this cell still not seeing YHWH’S sanctification at work so I go to sleep and have this dream the book of Jonah opens up and I’m literally thrown into the place where I’m being swallowed up by the great fish it’s dark, and I’m wrapped up in whatever was inside of this fish feels like cords and weeds that have me bound and entangled in them the pages turned unto the place where Jonah prayed to YHWH. I’m praying that prayer of Jonah crying out to be delivered out of the belly of hell; the dream ended with a banging on my cell door; get your things, you’re moving.

Still not seeing the favor nor blessings but determined to seek his face; two months pass, someone in the work release program committed a crime; now some of the people were serving 20 or more years, and at work release nevertheless. A law change came about as a result of this crime, and everyone with five years or less was going to work release and above five years back behind the wire. More favor not yet seen. So thankful for his long-suffering, so I’m among them that qualified for the program and was accepted; after arriving, I was moved to revisit the Ten Commandments and, this time really study them, so this guy who slept above me saw that I was reading he asked what I told him it was the Ten Commandments he wanted to study also, but he worked outside and wanted me to wait until he got in. So I did each night we studied 123, and now the fourth that’s when I began to see that YHWH was pulling me into his house up until this guy questioned me. I never considered a seven-day sabbath the sign that would pull the scales off my eyes until that night Sunday was the Christian sabbath; Saturday was for the Jews, but he insisted before we went any further that I should make sure that my pastor wasn’t a Seventh-day Adventist and that Saturday was the sabbath, not Sunday.

So I wrote my adopted pastor asking those questions; meanwhile, we waited for him to reply because we didn’t want to go any further until this question was settled, for I never met this pastor only by letter, so I didn’t think to ask this question assumed he was a Sunday preacher for that’s all I ever knew so that question wouldn’t have been an option for me a week passed by and his letter arrived we open it to read his answer which was yes Saturday is the sabbath, and no he wasn’t a Seventh-day Adventist.

He teaches biblical messianic Judaism and believes that YAHSHUA is the messiah; by now, nearly two years have passed on my journey around the mountain of YHWH by now I have so much literature on the sabbath but still do not believe for every time I go to the rest of the men that were going to chapel with me to tell them that we were going to church on a wrong day. Let me back up; when we got the letter from the pastor and read it I said to my friend we have to tell the rest of the people he said oh no, this was given to you, not me, so you have to do it so with much fear I decided to not confront them as a group, but I would choose who I thought would be acceptive to this newfound revelation that was a bad choice for immediately they told me that I was under the law, so they informed the others about me, and one by one they would come daily and at each bible study to convince me to turn away from the sabbath (law) or that would bring me under the curse. Every scripture was given to me; they had one that seemed to annul it hopeless and confused. I wrote one more letter for the pastor to provide me with something more because they are tearing down everything I have; he wrote back to me he’d given me all he had, and if that wasn’t enough, then I just don’t believe that offended me because if he can’t give me this bombshell.

I needed to shut them up, not literally, but their words were in my ears, halting me and pulling me, thinking that I’ve spent all this time looking for the truth and the right way. Man, he didn’t forgive me, all kind of thoughts clouding my mind, the words I have nothing more to give you was devastating to me, another dream, this time the Bible opens up, and the pages begin to turn and stops at the book of Hebrews a voice started reading chapter one chapter two chapter three. Then the book closed, and the voice spoke now get up and read, and I woke up and got my Bible and read. I’m at chapter three now for one and two were answers to questions about the seventh day for over two years.


So I’m at the place in this chapter if YAHSHUA would have given them another day, then would he not afterward spoken about it so there still remains a day of rest for the people of YHWH and those that enter in rest even as he rested the voice says to me that’s it close the book right then was the seven-day sabbath sealed in my heart, and I surrendered to follow him on his path to righteousness for at this moment my eyes were opened, and I was able to see all of the goodness. Patients long-suffering mercy bestowed upon me for every dream, and there were many, but I wouldn’t hear, so I looked for a man to listen to and tell me what he heard, but when man had nothing else to give me, YAHSHUA stepped in and satisfied my empty soul he’s still at work in me, but I’m not hungry or thirsty for the temporary things of this world anymore but only for a right relationship with him and I’m glad to say that I’m still holding on to his hand and as psalm 65 states To him will the vow be performed”

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